Craig Citro

Lockhart's Lament

Posted at — Jun 28, 2009

I recently stumbled upon a link to Lockhart’s Lament.

You should stop and read this right away, if you haven’t already. It’s a fairly harsh and biting attack on the state of math education (and more specifically K-12 math education) in the US. His main point is that the focus of the K-12 math curriculum has essentially nothing to do with the actual practice of mathematics, which is true. It’s not perfect, but there’s almost nothing I actually disagree with in it – its only real sins are sins of omission. Here are my thoughts:

I want to say again, though, that I loved this article. Even if there were things that were missing, there was so much good in it. Of course, I don’t seem to be the only one … here’s a link to the blog post that first pointed me to the article, and another link with info about Lockhart himself.