• Orcas recs

    There’s plenty to do on Orcas – but me being me, I have to start with the important stuff: eating.

  • Get that job at Google! (mathematician edition)

    People often ask me for advice about how to get a job at Google, especially research mathematicians. This post is basically the common parts from my emails on the topic, for better discoverability.

  • LA food recs

    It’s been forever since I lived in LA, but I still long for some of the food. One of my friends asked for some food recs, so I’m recording them here:

  • New site

    I’m finally finding time to start straightening up my web presence, and step one involves updating this site. In the process, I’m setting up a blog. This includes a few of the old posts from my blogspot blog, as well as one post I wrote a year ago but apparently never posted.

  • Managing Bookmarks

    Like everyone, I often run into interesting content that I don’t have time to read then and there. Bookmarks to the rescue!

  • Math Jokes

    I saw these on mathoverflow:

  • Great quote

    From Chris: “apple is like the really hot girl u didnt know was whack”

  • Lockhart's Lament

    I recently stumbled upon a link to Lockhart’s Lament.

  • Cambridge food recs

    Cambridge, MA has one of the best concentrations of great eateries of any place I’ve ever lived; here’s the list of my favorites, dated from the last time I sent it along to someone. (I know at least Herrell’s is gone, which is a crime against humanity.)

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