Like everyone, I often run into interesting content that I don’t have time to read then and there. Bookmarks to the rescue!

But then I end up with a mountain of bookmarks. After years of experimenting, I’ve finally come up with an effective system.

The System

  1. Bookmark things in chrome (or your browser of choice) as you find them.

  2. Roughly once a month, make a few folders to try and do some basic grouping.

  3. About once every 6 weeks, remember that you’d seen an interesting link on a specific topic, but you can’t seem to find it.

  4. At about three months, realize you’ve now bookmarked more content than you could read in a month. Declare bankruptcy, delete all links you can’t read in that sitting, and start over.

future work

In a later post, I plan to apply this same technique to handling email.